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Google My Business (GMB): Most Essential Tips for Your Business

How to optimise Google Business Profile Page - Feature image

You’ve created a Google My Business (GMB) page for your business but not getting good results from it?

Google My Business (GMB) plays a pivotal role in enabling potential clients to find essential details about your business, such as contact information, reviews, location, and operating hours.

When utilised effectively, GMB not only enhances your business’s credibility but also unlocks new avenues for customer engagement.

Nevertheless, a common oversight among many businesses is the under-utilisation of their GMB account. Often, the journey ends after adding basic information about your business – Business Name, Address, Contact Number, and Operating Hours.

This minimal approach, however, falls short and prevent your business from fully harnessing the potential of GMB.

This article is crafted 7 tips for those already versed in GMB fundamentals. we won’t delve into the nitty-gritty of creating a GMB account here. However, Visit Google GMB if you’re starting from scratch.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, now officially known as Google Business Profile, is a free tool from Google. This versatile tool empowers business owners to prominently list their enterprises on two of the internet’s most frequented platforms: Google Search and Google Maps.

local seo, google my business (GMB) samples of businesses GMB screenshots
Screenshots of businesses Google Business Profile (GMB)

Imagine GMB as a modern iteration of the traditional Yellow Pages, but equipped with a broader spectrum of features and significantly more interactive.

This platform is more than just a business listing; it’s a dynamic space where you can showcase your business, interact with customers, and manage your online presence.

From displaying up-to-date information, responding to customer reviews, to sharing updates and offers – GMB offers a suite of tools designed to enhance visibility and engagement with your target audience.

GMB account of business, name, map and reviews. and ratings
Screenshot of business name, information, ratings, reviews and map (location)

Tips to optimise your Google My Business

TIP 1: Incorporate Relevant Keywords in Your Business Description

Got a business description? Great! But let’s skip the mission and value statements here. Instead, focus on optimising this space with relevant keywords. Think about what terms and phrases your potential customers are likely to use when searching for your products or services.

For instance, if you’re in the business of selling ‘Bak Kut Teh’, ensure your description includes keywords like ‘Bak Kut Teh’, ‘braised meat’, and others that customers commonly search for. Remember, it’s less about stating, “Established in the 1960s, we use the freshest pork, cooked over many hours…” and more about hitting those search-relevant words.

Steps to update Google My Business - Business Description
Steps to update business description

Why? Because, in the digital world, those specific keywords are your hook – they’re what draw people in. No one’s initially searching for your business history; they’re searching for what they want now. So, give the people what they’re looking for right in your description!

Read our other blog on how to craft the perfect GMB business description for your Singapore business to boost your visibility.

TIP 2: Boost Visibility with Google Posts

A frequently overlooked aspect of Google My Business (GMB) is the Google Posts feature. While many businesses focus their digital marketing efforts on popular social media platforms, leveraging Google Posts can offer significant advantages.

Remember, GMB isn’t just a business listing tool; it’s a potent SEO asset. By crafting or repurposing SEO-optimised content from your social media or website for Google Posts, you can enhance your business’s online visibility with minimal additional effort.

Consider Google Posts as a channel for sharing the latest updates, promotions, and news about your business. Key to this strategy is the inclusion of keywords relevant to your business niche.

For example, a local bakery might post about their new seasonal pastries, using terms like “fresh apple cinnamon rolls” or “artisan bread in Woodlands.” Such targeted posts not only keep your GMB profile active, which Google favours for search visibility, but they also bolster your overall SEO strategy.

Screenshots of local business with frequent GMB posts updates
Screenshots of frequent Google Posts updates of local business – Mr Plumber

Regular posting is crucial. We recommend updating your Google Posts at least once a week to maintain freshness and relevance. This consistency signals to Google that your business is active and engaged, potentially leading to higher rankings in local search results.

Additionally, these posts provide valuable content for potential customers who find your GMB listing, offering them a snapshot of what’s new and exciting about your business.

TIP 3: Proactively Managing the Q&A Section

Have you noticed how often the Q&A section of many businesses’ Google My Business (GMB) profiles remains underutilised?

This overlooked area offers a golden opportunity for enhancing your online presence. Why wait for questions to be asked when you can proactively address them?

Start by compiling a list of about 8-10 frequently asked questions that are relevant to your business. For instance, if you’re a plumber, common inquiries might include:

Where to find Q&A section in Google My Business
Where can you locate Question and answers in GMB page

“What are your charges for replacing a toilet bowl?” or “Do you offer services in the Seng Kang area?”

By anticipating these questions, you can preemptively answer them in your GMB’s Q&A section.

When crafting your answers, strategically incorporate relevant keywords to boost your SEO. For example, if you do operate in the Seng Kang area, instead of a simple “Yes,” your response could be more detailed:

“Yes, we provide comprehensive plumbing services in Seng Kang, as well as in neighbouring locations such as Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, and Serangoon.”

This approach not only informs potential customers about your service areas but also significantly enhances your visibility in search results.

This proactive strategy enriches your GMB profile, making it more informative and accessible for potential customers, thereby leveraging the Q&A section as a powerful tool for SEO optimisation.

TIP 4: Detail Your Offerings with Comprehensive Service Menus/Product Catalogs

The days when customers learned about your services only by visiting your location or making a phone call are long gone.

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial to provide a detailed listing of your services and products on your GMB page, incorporating relevant keywords.

How services listing in GMB looks like

Take, for example, a tuition center catering to primary school students. Instead of a generic listing like “Maths Tuition” or “Primary School Tuition Class,” a more detailed approach would be to specify each service:

“Maths Tuition for Primary One Students,” “Maths Tuition for Primary 2 Students,” “PSLE Tuition for Primary 6,” and so on.

This method not only gives potential customers a clear understanding of what you offer but also significantly boosts the search-ability of your GMB profile.

How to add services in GMB
Steps to add services in Google Business Profile Page

By leveraging these specific keywords, you tap into a more targeted audience, making it easier for parents searching for precise tuition services to find your business.

Remember, specificity in your service menu or product catalog can make a world of difference in how easily your business is discovered online. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance your GMB listing and, by extension, your business’s online presence.

TIP 5: Maximise Engagement with the Booking Feature

While it’s true that the booking feature may not suit every business, for those where it’s relevant, integrating a booking option can be a game-changer. This addition can significantly boost user interaction with your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

screenshot of How booking works on GMB
Screenshot: How a restaurant is using booking feature in Google My Business

Why does this matter?

Well, increased interaction is a strong signal to search engines about the relevance of your profile, which in turn, can enhance your SEO performance.

Let’s break it down: the more users engage with your profile through bookings, the stronger the signal of your visibility in Google searches becomes.

For instance, if you’re running a beauty salon, enabling clients to book appointments directly through your GMB profile not only offers convenience but also increases the likelihood of them interacting with your listing.

This could lead to higher placement in search results. Think of it as a digital ‘busy storefront’—the more activity there is, the more attention it draws.

TIP 6: Consistently Update Your Profile with High-Quality Photos and Videos

It’s time to refresh those initial photos and videos you uploaded when your GMB account was first created: i.e. lion dances and ribbon-cutting ceremonies from your opening day three years ago.

screenshot of how photos are shown on GMB page
Screenshot: How hotel are uploading good quality, keyword-optimized pictures

Regularly adding new, high-quality, and keyword-optimised photos and videos is not just about keeping your gallery diverse; it significantly enhances user engagement.

Think about it this way: a café owner could post weekly updates featuring their special brew or a newly decorated interior, showcasing the dynamic and current nature of their business.

Such updates not only captivate your audience but also signal to search engines that your listing is active and relevant.

Just like with Google Posts, the consistent refresh of visual content can play a crucial role in your SEO strategy, helping your business to stand out in search results.

TIP 7: Bonus Tips – How to Maintain 5-Star Rating Reviews on Your Google Business Page

First and foremost, offer outstanding products and services.

But let’s be real – even with consistent 5-star service, not everyone will feel you deserve that top rating.

And that’s okay. It’s important to remember that achieving all 5-star reviews isn’t the end goal. In fact, a mix of reviews can appear more authentic to a discerning audience.

The key is to be realistic and relatable in your approach.

For our clients, we recommend focusing on two critical strategies:

Implement a Review Funnel Strategy

This involves creating a streamlined process that encourages satisfied customers to leave positive online reviews. A well-designed review funnel not only makes it easier for customers to share their experiences but also provides a way to capture and address negative feedback privately before it becomes a public concern.

By actively managing this process, you can significantly boost the volume and quality of your reviews, enhancing your online reputation and credibility.

For example, after a successful transaction, send a follow-up email inviting the customer to leave a review, with links directly to your GMB review page.

Be Consistent and Genuine in Responses

Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, your response matters. Use relevant keywords and maintain your brand voice, but most importantly, be genuine.

Personalise your responses to show that you value customer feedback and are committed to improving their experience. For instance, if a customer praises a specific aspect of your service, mention how you continuously work to maintain those standards.

Conversely, if a review is less than favourable, acknowledge the feedback sincerely and offer to resolve the issue, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction.

We’ve put together a practical guide for business owners on responding effectively to Google reviews. Want to know how to respond appropriately for positive and negative reviews? And what are the things you should not do?

FREE Guide Download

Complete the sign up below to start the download.


Remember, GMB is more than just a business directory; it’s a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and showcasing what makes your business unique.

From incorporating keywords in your business description to managing the Q&A section, and from showcasing your offerings with detailed service menus to engaging with customer reviews, every step you take enhances your online presence.

In conclusion, whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp your existing GMB profile, remember that the goal is to create an informative, accessible, and engaging online presence that reflects the quality and ethos of your business.

Vincent MC Ng face

Vincent (MC) Ng

Written by Vincent (MC) Ng., founder of Clickiris Digital Marketing, this post stands as a testament to his passion for sharing knowledge and building connections. A certified marketing strategist and Google certified digital marketing and E-commerce marketer, Vincent is an ardent advocate for the digital transformation of small to medium-sized businesses and he is focusing on empowering SMEs growth and discover new opportunities through digitalisation.
Connect with Vincent on Linkedin


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