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Dispelling 3 Email Marketing Myths

With businesses becoming increasingly dependent on the digital economy, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your online marketing strategies are in keeping with best practices to ensure maximum impact.

Among these is email marketing. Here at Clickiris, we offer targeted email marketing in Singapore that can ensure your company remains in touch with its existing and potential customers, thereby enhancing brand awareness and engagement.

Unfortunately, there are some prevalent myths surrounding email marketing that we thought it would be prudent to dispel.

Myth #1: Email Marketing Is Spammy

While it might be true that certain unscrupulous marketers buy email lists and use them to send unsolicited marketing emails, this is frequently done in violation of privacy laws many jurisdictions have in place.

Smart marketers know well that spamming people is the quickest way to turn them off to your offering rather than to intrigue them. On the contrary, marketing emails sent to those who have knowingly subscribed are extremely effective. Your emails reach their intended audience directly—people who are genuinely interested in what you’re selling. This makes a much more profound impact without tarnishing your brand.

Myth #2: Email Marketing Is Outdated

When people talk about digital marketing strategies, it’s a common misconception to think of only things like social media marketing and Google Ads as effective and email marketing as antiquated. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Email marketing is still wildly effective as a digital marketing strategy. In fact, in 2023, as many as 87% of brands surveyed in a study said that email marketing was critical to their success.

Further, another study in 2022 showed that there was an average return on investment of $45 for every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns in retail, e-commerce, and consumer markets. These stats show that email marketing is still as relevant and effective today as it ever was.

Myth # 3: Email Campaigns Are Only Effective If You Send A Lot Out

Sadly, many companies believe that an email campaign will only work well if you send a lot of emails out. However, constantly inundating your market with too many emails will overwhelm them, causing them to tune out and maybe even unsubscribe.

The key here is that quality should trump quantity. Opt to send your subscribers genuinely useful and valuable information less often, rather than plenty of shallow stuff that irritates the receiver and just ends up in the junk mail.

Take your time to craft informative, insightful, and interesting content so that when your subscribers get an email from you, they’re intrigued rather than annoyed.

For expert email marketing in Singapore that truly adds value, contact us at Clickiris today.



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