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Why Google Ads Manager is Essential for Marketers

feature image for top reasons to get a google ad manager

To elevate your online ad campaigns, consider using Google Ads Manager. This powerful platform, previously known as Google AdWords, is key to organised campaigns, helping marketers adjust their advertising strategies and track the success of their efforts.

If you aren’t quite sure how to get started or you’d prefer help from a professional, digital marketing agencies such as Clickiris can help. Let’s take a look at the role Google Ads Manager plays in marketing success.

Vast Reach and Pinpoint Precision

Google Ads Manager simultaneously allows advertisers to reach a wide audience across a variety of different platforms while allowing for highly precise and sophisticated audience targeting.

This means you can reach a specific target market segment with filters like demographics, interests, behaviours, and keywords. These ads can be posted on a variety of platforms, such as Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and any partner websites associated with Google.

In simple terms, businesses can tailor their ad reach to their desired audience on a large scale.

Measure Results and Return on Investment

It can be tricky to determine whether your advertising campaign is worth the money spent. Refreshingly, this tool provides robust analytics and tracking tools to help you calculate your return on investment.

Real-time tracking of various metrics, including clicks, conversions, impressions and return on investment, is possible with Google Ads Manager. This helps you understand the performance of your campaign and make decisions based on cold, hard data, so you can optimise your advertising spend for the best possible results.

Flexible Budgeting and Bidding Options

Google Ads Manager allows users to set their daily or monthly ad spend limits based on their marketing budgets. This is particularly beneficial for startup businesses, which need to be careful about how much money they’re spending on advertising.

In addition, advertisers are able to choose from a variety of different bidding strategies, including cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, or cost per acquisition. Thanks to these bidding techniques, advertisers have the capability to only pay for ads that have generated quantifiable results.

Choosing one of these flexible options can help you manage your advertising spend, ensuring that your financial investments align with your budget and generate results.

Supports Various Advertising Formats

From regular text to video and branded images, Google Ads Manager’s extensions and customisation options further serve to enhance your ads’ visibility and performance.

The platform provides the necessary support to help you customise your ads and deliver compelling copy, visuals and calls to action that resonate with the defined target audience to ensure maximum engagement.

We offer Google Ads Manager services, helping you optimise your marketing strategy and align your ad spend with your business budget to maximise the return on your investment. Contact Clickiris for more information about how our services can help you take your business marketing game to the next level.



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